The Most Wonderful Thing About Tiggers

My name is James Adams. I plan on getting a major in Aeronautical Engineering. The reason I would like to major in Aeronautical Engineering is because I also would love to be a pilot. So, I would love to see the mathematical process behind something I would love to do. I would also like to possibly earn my MBA after my undergraduate studies, so that I will be able to take over the family business.

My favorite vacation would be to go up to Alaska. I have family who lives up there, and I have been told that it is beautiful. Furthermore, I find the most beautiful aspects of this world are found often in the vast expanses of mountain ranges. Also, I enjoy hiking, so there would be much for me to do while on vacation there. Also, it would be great to go to a place where I can get away from the modern day stresses associated with a constant connection with the world. Some may consider this to be "socially awkward," they are wrong.

This next paragraph is supposed to be about dogs vs. cats. Although, my title entails that I would be speaking about Tigger and how Tiggers are. So, by looking at the familial line of Tiggers, which supposedly leads to the gene pool of that of a tiger's. Then, since a tiger is a relative of cats, I would have to say that cats are the winners in this competition, due to the lineage which connects them to Tiggers. However, dogs are awesome too, because in the movie "All Dogs go to Heaven" the dog is clearly a loyal and loving companion as well.

How to make a great sandwich:

  1. Place bread on the table
  2. Spread mustard on both slices of the bread
  3. Splurt mayonnaise on top of the mustard
  4. Now, place neatly sliced turkey on both pieces of bread
  5. Put the pieces of bread together with all the components on the inside. Enjoy!
  6. ECON201 ENG101 E115
    B+ A+ Credit

    New Zealand