Welcome to my page about me!

My name is Jackson Carr. I am a Freshman and I am not entirely sure of my major yet. I will either be doing Industrial engineering or Aerospace engineering. I like Industrial because it includes a lot of business. I like Aerospace because jets are cool.

My favorite hobby is probably weightlifting. I really enjoy seeing progress in my strength. Also getting bigger muscles is cool. My favorit lift is the bench press. But my strongest is the shrug.

My Role Model

My Role Model


How to make a Sandwich

  1. 1. Pick a type of bread
  2. 2. Put condiments on that bread
  3. 3. Put cheese on top of that
  4. 4. put meat on top of that
  5. 5. smush it all together and you're done
Class Grade
Calc 2 A-
PY 206 A+
HESF 214 S