Hello and welcome! Here is a little info about me!

My name is Justin Baker, and I am a freshman beginning my studies in Civil Engineering. I chose this field of study because of my enjoyable experiences with construction, design, and love of math and science. I also have a desire to make structures and technology more cohesive between humans and the environment, increasing benefits and reducing negative impacts for each. As a lover of music, I am also considering a career in a field of engineering that would allow me to enter the musical and theatrical production industry. This includes electrical engineering, computer engineering, and computer science as possible focuses. However, as a civil engineer, I may also be able to focus in the construction of acoustic spaces such as concert halls and amphitheaters.

Summer break, my favorite break from school, allows me plenty of time to engage in service opportunities. Every year, I attend and volunteer as a leader at construction camps in the Triangle area that focus on reconstructing homes for underprivileged families and individuals. I also help out with summer service projects in the Boy Scout Troop I attended in high school. Additionally, summer provides time for musical activities. I often participate in show choir camps, voice lessons, and small theatrical productions as a performer during the summers.

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How to Order a Pizza [Justin's Favorite Food :) ]

  1. Decide on your favorite pizza, and decide on your favorite pizza restaurant.
  2. Call the decided restaurant and place the order FOR DELIVERY - remember to ask how much it will cost.
  3. Pay the delivery person when they arrive and secure your favorite pizza - be nice and tip.
  4. Enjoy the delicious "cheese of your labor."

Class Expected Grade
Chemistry 101 A-
State Chorale A+
Calculus III A

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