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My name is John Hasty and I am currently a freshman here at North Carolina State University. I am currently majoring in engineering with an undecided intent. However, my first choice for an engineering major is probably biomedical. I also hope to minor in business administration and in coaching education. I am going to be very busy over the next four years!

My favorite break from school is definitely Christmas break. It is my favorite break because since we will finish out the semester with final exams on December 16th, there won't be any homework over the break! December is also an exciting time for my family, not only because of Christmas, but because we celebrate several birthdays including mine on December 18th. I love the cold weather and great food that I get to experience during the break. I can't wait for Christmas break this year!

  1. Decide what type of pizza you want to order
  2. Look up the number for the restaurant
  3. Call and place your order
  4. Wait for the pizza man to arrive
  5. Pay the pizza man (Don't forget to tip!)
  6. Eat and enjoy the pizza!
  7. Class Expected Grade
    Chem 101 A
    Chem 102 A+
    Rel 311 A
    Snowy Christmas Trees