Welcome To My Homepage!

My name is Cort Hlavin and I am a freshman in first year engineering intended in computer science. I chose this because what I really want to do in live is work on the side of applications of computer code, specifically in drone technology.

My favorite hobby is big game saltwater fishing. To me there is nothing more fun than trying to figure out how you targeted fish lives so that you can find the best way to catch it, and then when you finally do catch it, the feeling is like nothing else. I especially enjoy sharing this particular activities with my friends. I definitely don't mind working as a mate if I get to see one of my friends reel in a fish that they never thought they would.

Picture of the Grand Teton Mountain Range Picture of a Black Bear by the water
  1. Gather your ingredients: an onion roll, some smoked turkey breast, a few avocado slices, lettuce, tomato, bacon, mayonnaise.
  2. Spread the Mayonnaise on the bottom roll.
  3. Lay the avocado on top of the mayo and the turkey on top of that.
  4. Then stack the lettuce, tomato, and bacon in that order before putting on the top role.
Class Grade
CH101 B
MA241 A
EC205 B
Picture of my favorite fish, a Mahi Mahi.