Welcome to My Webpage

My Name is Jacob Jerrett, and I am a freshmen engineering student. The type of engineering I wish to pursue is civil engineering. This is because I would love to construct structures, and improve infrastructure. It is additionally a degree that has the potential to allow you to work in the field, as well as earn you a decent living. Also, I want to commission in the U.S. Air Force as an officer, and civil engineering is a degree that would allow me to do that. Once I am commissioned I hope to build/maintain bases as a CE in the Air Force, and potentially join Red Horse, the organization responsible for building bases in new/enemy territory.

My favorite hobbies are mostly outdoor activities. I love to participate in sports, as well as activities like snowboarding and mountain biking. I also enjoy hiking and camping with friends, as well as just hanging out. I am a fairly competitive person so anything dealing with competition is something I would probably enjoy. Indoors, I enjoy doing anything from watching movies and playing video games to surfing the web.

  1. Toast Two pieces of Bread
  2. Put on the peanut butter
  3. Put on the Jelly
  4. Put on Sliced Bananas
  5. You are finished
Course Name Expected Grade
Chem 101 A
Calc 1 A
ENG 101 B