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My Name is James McMillen. I am a freshman in the First Year Engineering College. I hope to major in Civil Engineering or Constuction Engineering. I enjoy the type of skills needed to be a civil engineer and really would enjoy my work I think. Another reason I want to be a civil engineer is because I think it would be cool to walk into a building or parking deck and know how it is was built.

One of my favorite hobbies would be just hanging around with friends having a good time on the lake or at the beach. I also enjoy just watching sports especially college basketball. I can not wait for March Madness to start this week, I always think the first week of March Madness is one of the best sports days of the year. I am a die hard NC State basketball and football fan and have been ever since my brother came here and played on the golf team.

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  1. Get Bread
  2. Spread Mayo on bread
  3. Put Ham and Turkey on Bread
  4. Cut Sandwich down the middle in two

Class Name Grade Expected
Physics 205 B
Psychology A
Calc 3 B

Watching NC State Basketball is one of my favorite hobbies