Hello World

My name is Joshua Clay Ratliff.I am a freshman at NC State. I am also a 4th class midshipmen in Naval ROTC at State. My major is Mechanical Engineering. After college, I will commission in the United States Navy as an Officer. I hope to use my engineering background to effectively carry out missions as a naval pilot.

I have a lot of favorite hobbies. I love to play shuffle board with the 80 and over club. I love long walks on the beach. I enjoy a good back and chest waxing. I am a serious competitive weight lifter. I am a world famous foot model.

This is my favorite website


My resume


How to make Pimento Cheese Sandwhich (my favorite)

  1. You grab your bread of choice (I choose wheat)
  2. you grab a glob of pimento cheese
  3. you grab a machete and smear he pimento cheese on the bread agressively
  4. you smash the bread together and there you have it, a pimento cheese sandwhich

my best work
Class Expected grade
GC 120 A
MA 241 A+
PY 205 B :(