Welcome to the Inside of Jon's Head

My name is Jon Cristinziano. I am a Freshman studying Chemical Engineering. I have always had a love for science and mathematics and my skills in both make engineering a great career path. In addition, I would enjoy helping the world progress by inventing new chemicals, improving medications, or working toward improving oil and energy. The money is another great benefit of Chemical Engineering.

My favorite hobby is playing with my dog Bear. Bear is a 9 month old Doberman Pinscher, but he is in no way a puppy. Bear weighs 80 pounds and the vet says there is a chance he will gain 20 more pounds! As you can probably guess, he is very good at Tug of War. Bear makes my favorite hobby a workout.

Farmers Only FBI Most Wanted
Class Grade
MA242 A
HON202 B
E101 A