Hello, my name is Joseph Rusher and I am currently in the school of Engineering planning to major in some sort of engineering. I am interested in civil, electrical, and mechanical engineering but I am still very unsure of what I want to major in. I am a freshmen though so I have plenty of time to decide what I want to do. I chose the school of engineering because I believe it is the toughest major at NC state and it is very prestigious. NC state has one of the best engineering schools and I am very proud to have been accepted in this prestigious college.

I would say that my favorite animal has to be the platypus. First of all the Platypus lives in Australia and Australia is probably the coolest place ever. I also like the platypus because the plural version of its name is platypuses and that is a pretty fun word to say if you ask me. Another reason why I like platypuses is because they lay eggs and are nocturnal and that is a pretty stellar combination for a mammal. Lastly, something very out of the ordinary is that platypuses produce milk for their young but don't have nipples. That is a pretty interesting fact about a pretty interesting animal.
nc state
  1. call the pizza place
  2. submit your order over the phone
  3. hang up the phone
  4. wait for your pizza to be delivered

Course Name Course Grade
Ma 141 B+
Ch 101 B
Eng 101 A