Welcome to my page!

Hello, my name is Jackson Williams and I am currently a freshman at NC State University pursuing a degree in Electrical Engineering. I decided to major in Electrical Engineering because of my appreciation for electronics and computer science. I plan to also pursue the Renewable Electrical Energy Systems Concentration (REES) so that I can one day work on bringing Smart Grid technology to the United States' electrical grid.

My favorite hobby would have to be backpacking and enjoying the outdoors! I love exploring Grayson Highlands in Virginia during my free weekends. With the great weather recently, I am sure I will find myself there soon!

My Favorite Website

Check out my resumé here

How to make "The Jacksonator" Sandwich

  1. Cut a bagel horizontally into two pieces
  2. Place anything you can find in the meat section of the fridge in between the bagel slices
  3. Add all condiments (in moderation) available to you at the time
  4. Compress and eat. Enjoy!
Class Expected Grade
Public Speaking A
Physics C
Intro to Computing Environments S