Welcome to my Webpage

My name is Jeffrey Balog and I'm a freshman at NC State University. I decided that I want to major in Aerospace Engineering. I wanted to do Aerospace Engineering because the summer going into senior year I attended an aerospace engineering summer program here at NC State. I learned a lot about aerospace engineering while at the summer program and thoroughly enjoyed my time at summer program. Ever since then I really wanted to go aerospace engineering.

My favorite hobbies include soccer and basketball. I grew up playing soccer and continued to play it all throughout until I came to college. I also played recreational basketball back in my home town of Chapel Hill. Each year my friends and I would make a team and compete to win the championship. I also like to watch and keep up with college and professional basketball and college and professional football.

bunny ninja Resume
  1. bun
  2. mayo
  3. turkey
  4. cheese
  5. lettuce
  6. bun
Classes Expected Grade
Physics 205 A
Calculus 2 A
Africana Studies A-