Jake Barrett E115

About Me

My name is Jake Barrett and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I am focusing my studies here in the engineering field, hoping to graduate with a degree in Mechanical Engineering. The main reason that I chose mechanical engineering as the field that I wanted to go into, is because I have grown up around mechanical engineering all my life. I grew up working in a welding shop with my family for years. So after living there and experiencing many different kinds of engineering that came into the workplace, I have acquired a great deal of knowledge about mechanical engineering. I believe that it is the right major for me, I have loved doing that sort of thing for years, and hopefully I will continue to do so.

Why I Love the Fall Season

There are several reasons why I love the fall season. One of the biggest reasons is because of the weather. Its not blazing hot like it is in the summer time, yet it isn't freezing cold like it is in the winter--so for me, it is the perfect time. Fall has to be my favorite season out of all. All kinds of things take place during the fall, like Thanksgiving, Wrestling, Football, Hunting, and all kinds of different things. Also, school starts back so I get to see all of my friends after not seeing them all summer, which means, that my summer job is over and I finally get a chance to relax. Fall is simply the best season of them all!

Favorite College Teams:

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