welcome to the wonderful world of E115

My name is John Chitla. I am currently in my fourth semester studying Business Administration. I am also thinking about switching into computer science which is why I am in this class. I would like to do computer science with a minor in business because it is interesting.

My favorite hobby is lacrosse. I played for three years in high school. I love the sport so much that I am now a JV and Varsity coach for my old high school. It is one of the fastest growing sports right now which is making it really interesting to watch grow. College lacrosse is extremely fun to watch and hopefully NC State gets a team soon.

TwitchTV icon Resume
  1. call Papa John's
  2. get pepperoni toppings
  3. get a 2 liter coke
  4. place order and wait for it to be delivered
semester expected grade
CH 101 A-
BUS 360 A
EI 201 A+