About Me

My name is Joshua Holder and I am a freshman - class of 2016. I want to go into i biomedical engineering because I want to design different prosthetics. Hopefully, one day I will be able to help veterans walk almost normal. Along with this, I would also like to go in the field of biomaterials because I believe I could help develop better heart valves. Designing tissues is another application of this concentration.

My favorite break from school was when I went to Washington DC. This was cool because I got to go with a school group. I didn't have to do anything that was school related while on the trip. I was also surrounded by lots of friends. I got to see all of the famous landmarks.

How to Order a Pizza:
  1. Decide on which store to buy from
  2. Decide delivery or pickup
  3. Choose your Toppings
  4. Make sure you aren't broke, so you can pay the man

Class Name Expected Grade
MA 141 A
MUS 131 A+
MUS 134 A+