welcome all to the best thing sense sliced bread

the name is Maples, jackson maples, my intended major is civil engineering. one reason id like to be a civil engineer is because i have always been a good problem solver or so my mom says. in the third grade our teacher made us take a career test online and my result was a construction manager. i have also always been a good people person and enjoy working outside.i feel with my talents and skill set civil engineering will suit me well as a profession.

a little bit about my self, i grew on on a lake and love everything about it. i really enjoy all water sports my favorite is wakeboarding and wakesurfing. i really just enjoy being around the water i feel at home and relaxed so id say my hobby is any water related activity. youtube icon My resume

how to make A pizza!!!

  1. roll the dough out and add sauce
  2. then add tons and tons of cheese
  3. add all the meat you have on top
  4. bake at 415 degrees for 18 minutes

me wakesurfing
Courses Expected Grade
E115 S
PHY205 C
NR303 B