My name is Jesse Noble and I am a freshmen at North carolina state university. My major is Textile Engineering. I did not originally choose this major, I was accepted into Textile Technology. After taking the introduction classes, I realized I wanted to actually engineer the textile products instead of choosing with technology to use to make them. For some reason I am interested in textiles. I think it is all the potential good within this field that interests me the most. A lot of pollution and water is used in the making of textiles and I want to reduce that.

I really enjoyed my spring break. I spent about of it relaxing and hanging with friends and the other half I spent up in West Virginia snowboarding with my family and a buddy. I also got a pre-owned Subaru right before the trip so I was excited about that. It had AWD so it handled exceptional in the mountains. The conditions were amazing when we went and it was snowing almost the entire time which was sweet.

I love March Madness. I don't understand how some people do not enjoy it. I love making brackets and betting people. The games are almost always intense and fun to watch, especially with friends. I was disappointed our wolfpack could not get it done. My bracket has been blown to pieces thanks to Wichita State.

  1. Dive to Bikini Bottom
  2. Find Spongebob
  3. Pay him 5 sand dollars for a Sandwich
  4. Enjoy
Class Grade
E115 Pass
MA141 B+
EC205 B