Jason D. Phipps

My name is Jason Phipps and I am a Freshman at NC State University. I am majoring in Engineering, but am currently undecided as to what my major will be. After I complete the required classes, I will get to apply for the majors I want; until then I will be looking into the ones I will want to apply for. I chose to be an engineer because I am good at math and science, and also enjoy solving problems. I'm not sure where my future lies, but I aim to discover that soon.

My favorite hobby is playing soccer, which I have played since I was 7. I love not only playing it myself but also following worldwide professional soccer. My dream would be to get to tour Europe and get to attend huge soccer matches along the way. I played soccer all four years of high school, and currently play on an intramural team here at NC State. It is safe to say I live and breath soccer.

For me, I can't really be around dogs that much because I'm allergic to their hair. Because I didn't grow up around them, I'm not much of a dog person. Although, they can be very cute and fun to play with. However, I usually have to tell them no so they don't end up rubbing all over me, leading to a miserable allergic reaction. Overall, I like dogs but I just can't be around them.

Pro Soccer News
I Google Everything
  1. I walk into Subway
  2. I wait in line
  3. I order the Spicy Italian
  4. Make sure they make it a footlong
  5. Add lettuce, cucumbers, and honey mustard

My Classes Expected Grade
Calculus 2 B+
Chemistry 101 B-/C+
English 101 B