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My name is Justin Richardson. I am 20 years old. I am a Sophomore at NC State majoring in communication. I am from Hollister, NC. When I get older I will have a basketball court inside my house.



Welcome to the Wonderful World of making Cars more unique.I have had a passion with customizing cars every since I got my first car when I was sixteen. I wanted to make my car represent me, so people would know it was mine.

customizing cars making them all unique and your own

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Cars is another unique way of expressing yourself. You can do whatever you want to them to turn them from a manufactor car, to your very own unique ride. Its also a easy way to find other car fanatics who share the same passion as you. For me the best feeling is seeing people stare at your car when your riding around. People admire the hard work you have put into your car.

You can customize cars in a variety of ways

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Favorite Movies

  1. Fast Five
  2. Columbiana
  3. Mr. Deeds
  4. Biker Boys

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Amazon is another useful website I use on a weekly basis

door Speakers trunk speakers sound system
Here are some Alpine Door Speakers. There are relatively small and can replace your factory door speakers for some extra loudness Here are some Kicker L5 Speakers. These are two big to put inside the car, so they are put in the trunk. This is what gives cars the serious bass. Here is someone who went all out with their speakers. Their whole trunk has turned into bass with a mixture of door and trunk speakers.
Most people fall in love with bass in their cars! Itís like a strange addiction. After a while the loudest systems will become low to you. Most people will say it was because you are damaging your ear-drums. But it is something that you will fall in love with it. Songs will sound much better with the added bass, makes it so you can feel the song.
This is my car My First Car

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Need to get some new shoes?

Since I've been in college my passion for shoes has greatly increased. I have started collecting my shoes. I mainly buy Nikes or Jordans.

Nike Foamposites

Area72 KDs


Player Positions

Lebron and Wade

Lebron James is my favorite player. He now plays for the Miami Heat. Lebron is the guy in the picture dunking. Dwayne Wade is #3. The Miami Heat are the NBA Finals champion, and looking for a repeat this year.


  1. Basketball
  2. Football
  3. Dirtbikes/Fourwheelers
  4. Motocycles
  5. Racing
  6. Partying

Favorite Actor