Homework 5a
By: Julia Treis

My name is Julia Treis. My major is mechanical engineering. I am a freshman. I chose this major because I like to work on things that have moving parts. I also want to be able to incorporate sustainability into my career and with mechanical engineering I can do that easily. I hope to one day work for an automotive company.

My favorite hobby is playing volleyball. I played volleyball for six years. I enjoy playing because it helps to relieve stress. It is also fun to be able to play around with friends. The game is hard at first, but it gets easier with time.

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My Favorite Sandwich
  1. get two pieces of white bread
  2. spread peanut butter on both pieces
  3. put jelly on top of the peanut butter on one side
  4. put the two pieces of bread together
  5. cut it in half
Class Expected Grade
E 115 S
E 101 A+
SMT 201 A+