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Judith E Canner, PhD Candidate

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I am currently in my fifth and last year of graduate school working towards my PhD in both Biomathematics and Biology.  Though I began my undergraduate career as a math education major, I soon experienced the fun (yes I said fun) and intrigue of higher mathematics and research.  I came to NCSU in 2005 to study Biomathematics and I eventually added on a co-major with Biology.  I call myself a mathematical ecologist.  My research incorporates both field work and models in order to better understand species interactions.  In the future, I want to work in academia, where I can teach and conduct research.  I truly believe that the future of ecology lies in collaborations with mathematicians and statisticians and that is what I hope to convey as a graduate student and eventually as a professor.  Here is a copy of my teaching statement and my research statement.

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