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Hello, my name is Eric Claypoole and I am a freshman in Mechanical Engineering. I chose to go into this major because it is a growing and thriving field with many opportunities in various industries. NC State has one of the most reputable and effective Mechanical Engineering programs in the nation, which means it is easier to get a good paying job in the field. I also enjoy the idea of creating something new through my work, rather than just completing a monotonous, pointless task. I feel like my current major is an excellent way to do that and make money in the process.

My favorite hobby is hunting. I have been hunting with my dad since I was eight years old, and have been accompanying him on trips since I was four. Depending on the time of the year, I hunt dove, ducks, squirrels, quail, turkeys and deer. I like to make sure that I find time to go hunting, even while I am at school. It is one of my faorite things to do.

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  1. First acquire bread, pickles, pimento cheese, mayonnaise, turkey, lettuce, tomato and bacon.
  2. Spread a thin layer of mayonnaise on one piece of bread and a thick coating of pimento cheese on the other.
  3. Next, cut the pickles into long, flat spears and place on top of pimento chees.
  4. Cook bacon and place on top of pickles.
  5. Add place the remaining ingredients on top in the following order: tomato slice, lettuce, turkey.
Class ENG101 MA241 PY205
Expected Grade A- B+ B-

Deer standing in tall grass