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Jimmy Crook, 2017, Paper Science and Engineering. I am interested in this major because it is very specific and employers love to see that someone can apply basic concepts to real processes. Everyone in the major are close to one another as it isn't very large. It has the highest average paying salary coming out of college. I also think I will enjoy watching trees come in and usable paper come out. Some of these mills are also located in places that i would love to be.

My favorite break was during fall break. I went to spend some of it with my cousin at App. I watched him play rugby and we saw App lose Charleston Southern (cough) App sucks (cough cough). Later on that night lets just say we had a lot of fun. It was probally one of the best weekends of my life.

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  1. Call Bellacinos
  2. Order Meatlovers
  3. Go to Bellacinos
  4. Pick Up Pizza
  5. Devour
Class Grade
MA141 90
ENG101 90
E115 85