Week 10 Homework

My name is John Green. I am a freshman. I am also in the engineering department. I want to be an Aerospace Engineer. I want to be an Aerospace engineer because I enjoy the miracle of flight and want to leave a lasting memory in that field.

My favorite hobby is basketball.I like to play basketball because it is good exercise. I like playing competitively because I really enjoy winning.I also enjoy the strategy involved in basketball. I also like to watch basketball on television.

I Heart Radio SPORTS!!!!!!

How to make John's favorite sandwhich, the BLT

  1. Find bread
  2. place lettuce and tomatoe on bread, mayoniase is optional
  3. add bacon
  4. add even more bacon
  5. keep adding bacon
  6. but for real you can't have too much bacon
  7. eat your bacon sandwhich and be happy

Class Grade
Eng 248 89
Chem 101 85
E 115 S
Ma 141 93

Michael Jordan Dunk