Homework 5a

I'm John Joyner, a freshman in engineering here at N.C. State. I'm currently enrolled in Mechanical Engineering Unmatriculated, but am considering matriculating into Electrical Engineering. If I go into electrical, it will be to focus on electromechanics and control systems; if I go into mechanical, it will be to focus on dynamics and mechanics.

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How to make a delicious sammich:

  1. Acquire bread
  2. Place cheese between slices of bread
  3. Butter outside of sandwich
  4. Grill sandwich
  5. Devour your fresh grilled cheese
Class Expected Grade
PE251 A-
ISE311 A
CSC112 A
HON296 B+
MA242 B-
E115 S

My favorite break would probably be summer break. The reasoning is simple: money! Not to be mercenary here, but the ability to work over the summer full time and earn some spending cash for the rest of the year is incredibly welcome. A little bit goes a long way, after all!


John Joyner - jejoyne3