My RX­7...

My RX­7

The RX­7 is one of the coolest sports car that I have seen. Under the Hood is the Wankel engine.. aka the rotary engine. These cars are very neat due to the fact that they have no Pistons in them at all. A rotary engine's piston is it's rotor, a triangle shaped object. Confused? Then click Her e to see a Gif showing how this car workx. These cars are extremely loud and will produce very high RPM's before they "redline". Mine redlines at about 8000 RPM's and screams going down the road. On the right is a crappy picture of my car. This picture was taken in the sun and it was Dirty, so it looks kinda yellow.. I had to paint in the windows blue so you could see them, and it has these huge looking tires on it :). My car is actually silver, and is probably washed right now.. ;). On the left shows a RX­7 that looks almost exactly the same as mine, but it is clean.. :) Thanks Coleman Howard! My car is a 1st generation "make" of the RX­7... from the three generations of this car. The 3rd generation of RX­7's is probably one of the best sports cars ever made, but as Ford started to buy out more of Mazda, it had more Power to do whatever it wanted, and one of Ford's decisions was to end the Rotary Program within Mazda... Giving the RX­7 no time to compeat against other cars.. :( But these cars completed a lot of Progress over the years, and in the future, the Wankel engine has proven to preform as a steam powered engine running off of Hydrogen fuel.

What my Car actually looks like.. :)
Facts of my Car

­ 1984 RX­7 GSL Model

­ New Power Pulse Muffler (10/11/97)

­ Grey exterior / Black Trim

­ Red interior / AudioVox CD player installed and a 340 watt amp on two, 12" Infinity Woofers!! Also, I have­ Two 4" Infinity Reference Series speakers in front; stock 5 1/4" speakers in back.

­ 107,000 miles... Apex seals need replacing..

My Plan

I'm Hoping to get some money soon and make my car a little more sporty. So far, my plan is to buy a black spoiler for the back of the car, and to get a bra for the front of the car, If I get lucky enough, I'll even add some louvres on the back window.. but who knows? As far as preformance goes, I'm gonna get a more free flowing muffler, new APEX seals and perhaps I'll add some street porting.

Pictures will show as my project starts....

A 3rd Gen RX­7

This is a picture of the 3rd generation RX­7, only sold in Japan now, Since Ford cut it's sell in the United States after 95'

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