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My name is Jean Lunsford, but I've been called Jeanne (pronounced 'Genie') for as long as I can remember. I would love it if this was all of the writing I had to do for all of my classes. I am a freshman (which I think is what you would assume, given that I'm taking E 115, and I need it to matriculate). I'm in Engineering Undecided, and at the moment, I'm thinking about Nuclear, Computer, or Electrical Engineering. I originally came to NCSU with a much longer list, so only three (though Textile Engineering is still up there, it's fading off) possibilities is an accomplishment.

I think, no I know my favorite break is summer break. Some teachers tend to leave homework over fall break. This year I had a Lit exam the next class after the break, so yes, I was studying over the break. Meh to that. Summer breakís more awesome because you actually get to choose what youíre doing over the break. I think that makes at least five sentences for this paragraph, donít you think?

My 'favorite' website. For questions, email me.

Now, to make a sandwitch you must:

  1. Find bread, mustard, meat, cheese, lettuce, a kife, and a plate
  2. Spread the mustard (and mayo if you so choose)
  3. Put on the meat and cheese
  4. Put on the lettuce (and tomato if you so desire)
  5. Put it on the plate and EAT it
SiO2Silicon dioxideOxide
Rb2O2Rubidium PeroxideOxide
O2OxygenDiatomic, Peroxide
F2FlourineDiatomic, Halogen

The OBX a few years ago
Pretty colored flames, in black/white! Don't ask me to explain. (I like grayscale, and the way that the picture of the beach will show up (hopefully).)