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Hey, my name is Joshua Stone and I'm in the class of 2018 here at NC State. My intended major currently is nuclear engineering. I chose this major because of my previous internship in the field. Nuclear reactors have always fascinated me and the possibility of a nuclear future is something that I find exciting. By pursuing a degree in nuclear engineering, I hope to be able to not only fit into this nuclear future but also be able to actively contribute to it. Hopefully in the future, with a degree in nuclear engineering, I'll take part in ensuring the success of nuclear energy.

One of my favorite hobbies growing up was baseball. America's pastime was also my pastime. I'd put in hours a day trying to learn the perfect curveball or how to go yard. Some of my best friends came from baseball and almost all of my best memories are encompassed in the sport. All through high school I played and now that I'm retired I've picked up slow-pitch softball. No matter how old I get, I'll always have a place for baseball in my heart.

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How to Get Some Jimmy Johns

  1. Pick up phone
  2. dial (919) 828-3278
  3. Order some kind of sandwich
  4. Wait patiently
  5. Pay for the sandwich
  6. Devour
Class How Bad I'm Going to Fail
Chemistry C
Archaeology B
Architecture B
Math A
E101 S
my favorite hobby