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My name is James Stonecypher and welcome to my website! I am a freshman at North Carolina University. I am currently in EngineeringFirst Year. I decided to choose EFY because I know that I would like to be an engineer in the future. I am interested in pursuing the nuclear engineering specialty when I am ready to CODA. The reason that Iam interested in nuclear engineering is that the processes that occur in nuclear reactors interests me, and I think that the job outlook looks good as well.

Favorite Hobby My favorite hobby is sailing. I am currently on the sailing team at NC State, and I am also a member of the sailing club. I enjoy sailing because no day of sailing is the same. This can be referring to weather conditions, or even the style of sailing, such as racing or cruising. Each week I look forward to enjoying a Friday practice, and then heading out to a regatta in an exotic location, or just relaxing and having a good time on the water with friends. No matter which situation I get put in, it is always fun in its own way.

    How to make a BLT
  1. Acquire bacon
  2. Acquire lettuce
  3. Acquire tomatoes
  4. Acquire mayonaise
  5. Acquire a bread of your preference
  6. Cook bacon to preference
  7. Place mayonaise on bread
  8. Place bacon, lettuce, and tomatoes on bread
  9. You now have a delicious BLT
Grade Predictions
Class Expected Grade
E115 Pass
MA141 B+
CH101 C+

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