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My name is Joshua Tubito. I am a freshman in college. I plan to graduate with a Dual Major in Computer Engineering and Electrical Engineering. I find the way circuits and computers work fascinating. I want to one day work in either the power distribution industry or in computer design.

I love to play League of Legends. The clean game-play and fun strategy make it an incredible game to play with friends or solo with on-line summoners. The most enjoyable party of League of Legends is the competitive challenge of Solo Que. It allows you to test you skills against others to see who is better. With Solo Que come some interesting strategies and mechanics in game that have to be learned before starting. League of Legends Logo link to lolking.net My Resume

  1. First one slice of Italian Bread
  2. Add Lettuce on top of Bread
  3. Apply a Small amount of Mustard to Lettuce
  4. Apply a Small amount of Mayonnaise aswell
  5. Place Cheese Delicately on top of Condiments
  6. Apply the Cold Cut of Choice above Cheese
  7. Slap Tomatoes onto Cold Cuts
  8. Top off Sandwich with one more slice of Italian Bread
Classes Grade
MA 242 A
Py 208 A
Ece 109 A
League of Legend Champions