Welcome to My Webpage

My name is Joe Cusato. I am a freshman hoping to CODA into Chemical Engineering. In high school chemistry interested me greatly. It was intriguing to me that seemingly unimportant particles made up the world around me. This fascination led me to think chemical engineering would be the right major for me.

My favorite school break is summer break. Because I live at the beach, summer is the happening time. I get to work on the boardwalk making pizza. I enjoy my job making pizza. It is a fun job that allows me to cook pizza and interact with everyone from around the area.

bimmer Click here if you have nothing to do
  1. Stretch and spin dough
  2. Apply thin layer of cheese
  3. Apply swirl of sauce
  4. Place pizza in oven and cook
  5. Remove from oven, cut and serve
Class Grade
EC201 B
ENG265 B
MA111 A
E101 A
E115 S
CH221 B