Welcome to my page!

My name is John Krawczyk. I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. Currently I am in the First Year Engineering program but plan to major in Mechanical Engineering. I chose this major because it is one of the broadest types of engineering. With a Mechanical Engineering degree there is many fields I can go into after college. One field I would love to go in to is HVAC!

My favorite hobby is playing and watching sports. I can get in to and have fun with almost every sport. I love supporting my favorite teams and watching their games. Here at State I try to attend as many sporting events as I can. Sports help me blow off steam and enjoy myself. To get involved playing sports on campus I play a variety of intramural sports.

WebAssign resume
  1. Cut and Butter an English muffin
  2. Fillet a Hotdog into 4 pieces
  3. Put Cheese on top
  4. Microwave
    1. Current Courses Expected Grade
      E115 S
      Com112 A
      MA241 A
      Champions 2006