Welcome You

Hi. My name is Jo Himes. I am a freshman in Agricultural/Biological Engineering, but if I can improve my GPA, I'm probably going to switch to Biomolecular Engineering under Chemical Engineering. I chose a major that focuses on life sciences because I have always been interested in biology and cells. Engineering was a good choice for me because I also want to be able to create biologically related systems and manipulate cells. If I do not get into either of those choices, I would like to try Textile Engineering.

My favorite hobby is drawing and making art. Sometimes I get bored or want to procrastinate so I make little houses or environments like an office for small toys my friends and I get when we buy weird Japanese candy. I have a set of Crayola watercolors, which are OK, and a better set of watercolors, which has more colors. I also collect Prismacolor brand markers, but they are expensive. I like to draw people as animals the most.

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Making the Fluffernutter and Jelly

  1. Obtain wheat or wheat byproduct loaf.
  2. Scoop out that sweet, sweet strawberry jelly.
  3. Spread on some of that marshmallow sandwich spread.
  4. Combine and eat.

Course Name and Expected Grade

PY 205 C
CH 101 A
ADN 492 A

This a pretentious mug drawing I did.