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My name is Jonathan Chalfant. I am a freshman in electrical and computer engineering. I chose my major because I am very interested in digital electronics and power supplies. I took introductory classes in high school and really enjoyed them so I decided to pursue my interest further by attending school and getting a degree. I would like to apply my major in a career after college and one day get my masters degree in some engineering field.

My favorite hobbies are fishing and hunting. Every spring I travel to Maine and go fishing on Lake Mousam. I also travel to the Outer Banks and the Chesapeake Bay to surf fish. In the fall and winter, I hunt dove, duck, goose, whitetail, and turkey in Maryland. I also crab a lot on the rivers of the Chesapeake Bay in Maryland during the summer.

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How to Make a Sandwhich

  1. toast bread
  2. add turkey
  3. add American cheese
  4. add Mayo and Honey Mustard

Class Grade
E115 CH102 MA242
Grade S A+ B

hunter in tree