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Hello world, my name is Jane Hiltz. For those of you who care, I am a freshman with an intended major of computer science along with a minor in creative writing. Strange combo huh? Well I plan on taking advantage of the CSC Video Games Development concentration because I want to design, write, and direct video games. Phew, now with this sentence I've officially reached the standard length of a paragraph in the English language; this odd length that I speak of honestly seems to have been arbitrarily chosen by some higher power but who really cares. I've reached the limit and will therefore get a good grade. Apparently.

I do not have a number one favorite hobby; therefore, I've decided to talk about a few of my hobbies. For one, I absolutely love to cook; its been a passion of mine since I was very little and I like to think that I'm quite the accomplished chef. Another thing that I enjoy doing in my free time is playing video games, especially ones with good stories. I also love watching shows, namely animes- which probably was not the best thing to get into mid-semester of college but oh well. Last, but certainly not least, the thing that I love to do most has to be my E115 homework.

Good Habbits Some light reading...
How to make my favorite sandwich:
  1. Get whole wheat wrap
  2. Place cheese on wrap and toast
  3. Cover cheese with greens and other veg
  4. Wrap up into a cozy little package
  5. Accept that this isn't technically a sandwich
  6. Ignore the haters and enjoy it anyway
Classes Expected Grade
E115 Satisfactory
Yoga A+ cause yoga
Intro to Java B
Who needs cooking mama when you have 
		Princess Peach