Welcome to My Humble Website

My name is Joseph Robertson. I am a freshman at the magnificent North Carolina State University. NC State is well known for its engineering program. I am in this engineering program. I am trying to get into either the mechanical or aerospace engineering programs.

My favorite hobby used to be playing sports. However while being here at college I have discovered a new favorite hobby. My new hobby that I like to do most is sleep. I will sleep anytime, anyplace. Sleep is a passion that I did not realize I liked to do so much until I did not get to enjoy this luxury as much.

pandora Get that homework done
  1. Walk into Bojangles
  2. Say hello to the cashier
  3. Tell the cashier your order
  4. Pay for you sandwich
  5. Enjoy the delicious meal
Class Expected Grade
MA 141 A
CH 101 B
ES 100 A
Sleepy time