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My name is Jeffrey Hunter Rudd but I go by Hunter. I am a freshman interested in going into Electrical Engineering. I am interested in Electrical Engineering because I've known for a long time that I wanted to be an engineer. When I got to State though, I wasn't sure which type I wanted to go into. Now, after some consideration, I want to go into this major because it seems interesting and I know people who are well established electrical engineers.

My favorite hobby is going fishing. I love to be in the outdoors and fishing is one of the many ways that I do this. I go on trips to the coast to fish and have a pond in my backyard. Nearly every day in the summer I am either fishing in that pond, at the beach, or on a boat with my uncle. We spend all night fishing when we go to the beach and on the river. Fishing is my passion and it is also a very fun past-time.

fishing in the evening
Free Time!!!!
  1. Get out two pieces of Sunbeam bread.
  2. Place 4-5 slices of peppered turkey on one piece of bread.
  3. Add mustard to the other piece of bread.
  4. Place two slices of pepper jack cheese on the slice of bread with mustard.
  5. Put the two slices of bread together and theres the best sandwich ever.
Class Hopeful Grade
MA141 A
CH101 B
ENG101 B
EC205 A
E115 S
E101 A
CH102 B