Homework 5 (Html and CSS)

My name is Jason Huang. I am a freshman intending to majoring in Mechanical Engineering, and maybe doubling in Electrical and Computer Engineering. I want to major in mechanical because I want to study more about robotics. Through out high I have been very involved with my school's robotics team, so it is because of that I really got interested in robotics and autonomous machines. I also want to know how program robots, so I thought it would be important to have some more background with programming languages.

My favorite vacation is when we went to Carowinds. I really enjoy the thrill in roller coasters. My entire family went. We don't go on vacations together. Usually one of my parents would take me and my sister, so it was really nice that we all went.

Cats are way better than dogs. They appear to be of less hassle to take care of whereas dogs need constant attention. Cats just go about their business everyday while still be a nice company to have around. They a fluffy to pet which make them really cute. Cat are both cute and solitary making them easier to keep as companions than dogs which is messy and needs constant attention from their owners.

Tumblr Second Favorite Site: Youtube

Make a sandwich

  1. Take three sandwich bread and toast them
  2. Spread ranch on two slices
  3. Fry some bacon
  4. Fry some egg
  5. Assemble all together with the no ranch bread dividing the bacon and egg
Introduction into Computing EnvironmentsS
Principles of MicroeconomicsB
Academic Writing and ResearchB