Things of Interest to me.

band beach beach
My Favorite Band, Acoustic Syndicate

My favorite thing to do, hang out by the beach


play guitar


Things of interest
  1. Hard Candy
  2. Emorer's New Groove
  3. The Incredible Hulk
  4. High Tension

My Books

Hey I'm Jon, a college student at NCSU, majoring in Agriculture Business Management, with a minor in Economics. I plan to graduate in 2014 and I love every day I spend here. I run, play tennis, work out, and prettymuch love anything outdoors. I drive a motorcycle, and below I have two pictures of the ones I own. I love working on them and cruising around Raleigh. Soon, I'll start looking for internships to do with either my major or something I can put my hands on. Life is an adventure and I trust myself and trust God in all my actions and decisions. I have a loving mother and a great brother who attends UNC Chapel Hill.



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