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Hello, my name is Justin Wang. I am currently a Freshman at North Carolina State University. I am currently in the engineering program and seeking to CODA into the Computer Science department. I chose computer science becuase it like coding.

My favorite break from school would have to be fall break, becuase that's the only break I've had so far. During my fall break, I hung out with my family and friends. We walked around outside in the neighborhood singing random songs that we knew for fun and serenading a friend and annoying him and longboarded for a bit.

Reddit YerbTerb!!!
  1. Obtain dough
  2. Flatten dough into pizza shape
  3. Slather on tomatoe sauce
  4. Add toppings
  5. Bake and enjoy!
Classes Grade
Chemistry 102 A
Engineering 101 A
Chemistry 101 C