Hello my name is Jordan Case, and I attend NCSU. I am expected to graduate in 2017. The major that I am focused on is Electrical Engineering. The reason why I chose Electrical Engineering is that you can work in the power industry or the car industry which are the two places I would like to work.

My favorite break from school is the summer break. The first reason is the most obvious and that is the fact that Summer break is the longest. Also, I enjoy going back to the beach and skimboarding. Summer break is when my family does the most together because we all have common interests, and it's not too cold for some of us. On top of all this, I get to relax.

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    How to order a pizza
  1. find the phone number to the pizza place
  2. Call the pizza place
  3. Order your pizza for delivery
  4. Pay the pizza delivery man and receive your pizza
Class Name Expected Grade
MA242 B
PY205 A
EC205 B