Jonathan Markl's NCSU Webpage

Jonathan Markl's NCSU Webpage

This website is currently being edited for the purposes of understanding the use of XHTML. Below is a table showing my classes for the current semester. As the semester goes on I also plan to add the grades that I make in each of my classes. I have also included a photo of me and contact information.

My Fall 2010 School Schedule

Ch101 (Lecture) TuTh 8:30AM - 9:45AM 00222 Dabney Hall N/A
Ch102 (Lab) Fr 11:20AM - 1:10PM 00212 Marye Anne Fox Science N/A
E101 We 12:25PM - 2:15PM 00334 Daniels Hall N/A
EC201 (Lecture) MoWe 9:10AM - 10:00AM 03400 Nelson Hall N/A
EC201 (Lab) Fr 8:05AM - 8:55AM 00209 Cox Hall N/A
ENG101 MoTuThFr 1:30PM - 2:20PM 00110 Tompkins Hall N/A
MA141 MoWe 3:35PM - 5:25PM 00207 Harrelson Hall N/A

My 2010 Senior Prom
My Senior Prom 2010

Cellphone #: (910) 381-5021
Personal Email: