Welcome to this webpage!

Hi, I am Jack Pashby. I am a first year-sophmore majoring in Nuclear Engineering. I choose that major because I like math and physics. Nuclear Engineering is a great combination of both of those subjects. Also, I like the new devlopments in the nuclear field such as fission reactions.

My favorite hobby is swimming. I started swimming around 5 years ago. Currently I am on the NC State Club Swim team. Two weeks ago we held our home meet, and won second. Last weekend, we traveled to Elon and also won second place. My favorite strokes are freestyle and butterfly.

I like cats. A lot. In fact, my family owns three of them. They youngest is still a kitten and is the terror of the household. The other two are older and are terrorized by him.

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How to make Pizza

  1. Buy the dough
  2. Let the dough rise
  3. Shape out the dough
  4. Put sauce and cheeze on it
  5. Put in it the oven at 350 more 15 minutes
Class Expected Grade
MA 341 A
CSC 112 A
NE 201 A