Nice To Meet You

Hello my name is Joshua Pettis and I am a freshman at North Carolina State University. I attend to major in Mechanical Engineering, but I am currently in the First Year College. I chose this major because I enjoy designing new things and working hands on with machines. I would like to become a design engineer with this degree and design great technical macheines that changes the world. I also want to work in robotics because I think it would be fun, so I want to learn Japanese because Japan is so popular with robotic advancement. I have a few hobbies but one of my hobbies is that I enjoy drawing. I tend to draw random pictures when I am bored or waiting to do something. I enjoy drawing because it allows me to view my imagination and ideas that I think about. It becomes a building block that I can use to build off of ideas I come up with. Sometimes drawing is an escape from reality and calms me down kind like when I run.

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Poker Face

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How to make a Sandwich

Class grade
Economics 201 A
English 101 B
Calculus 1 A-