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My name is Jensen Vellaringattu, and I am a freshman majoring in Paper Science and Engineering at NC State University. In high school, I liked studying math and science, and I knew I wanted to major in engineering. During my senior year, I took AP Chemistry, so I leaned toward chemical engineering. I learned about the paper science program through a letter in the mail. I also found out that State offered a unique dual degree program with paper science and chemical engineering. After doing research and touring the paper facilities at State, I decided to choose Paper Science and Engineering as my major.

My favorite hobby is going to the gym and working out. I picked up this hobby during senior year of high school. I like weight-training because it is a way of challenging myself physically, in addition to mentally. However, amidst classes and homework, weight-training is a good time to relax and not think about school work for a period of time. It's a hobby that motivates me because I can always improve and do better. Additionally, it is an activity that has improved my fitness level and shape.

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  1. Take two pieces of white bread.
  2. Fill small white cup with peanut butter from peanut butter dispenser.
  3. Take knife and scoop peanut butter from cup.
  4. Spread peanut butter all over each piece of bread.
  5. Put the two pieces of bread together.
Course Name Expected Grade
CH 101 A
EC 201 A
E 115 S
E 101 A
Carmichael Gym