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My name is James Kennedy Crowell. I am a freshman in Engineering with an interest in aerospace engineering. I think aerospace engineering is an amazing and interesting topic because space travel and industrializatoin is the next great leap in human development. It is not only an interesting endevour, but it is a necessary one. With the human population growing and an ever decreasing amount of space to live in, colonization will be neccessary. Without it, the human race will be in trouble.

My Favorite break away from school was christmas break. For me, it was several weeks of stress free relaxation and adventure. Even though it was cold i went campoing and fishin with my brother for several days, went to a BIG bonfire with my best friends for highschool, and slept in a hamack. Without the constant stress and worry of school, i was able to fully enjoy the experience with my family and was able to grow closer with my family. Then, ontop of all that, christmas was obviously a great experience. To top all that off, i got a new car.

I love march madness. I grew up in North Carolina, the ACC is in my blood. Even though NC State lost in the first round of the NCAA tournament, it is still fun to watch top notch athletes play so hard and so well. The competetion is rife with emotion and you can feel it everywhere. March Madness is fun for everyone and even more for me since my birthday is in the middl eof it.

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How to make a sadwich!

  1. Place your slices of bread side by side
  2. Put mayonaise and mustard on the bottom slice
  3. Place turkey, ham, roast beef, and salami on top of the bottom slice
  4. Put lettuce, tomato, and cheese on next.
  5. spray sandwich with a seltzer sauce and top t off with the last slice of bread.
Class Grade
Economics 205 A
Calculus 141 B+
Chemistry 101 B