Welcome to my Homework 5a Page

My name is Jaeho Kim and Iím a freshman. My current major is Chemical Engineering intended and I choose this because of the pay and stability for the future employment. I regret choosing this major and thinking of transferring for BA in music or music education major which I am passionate about it. It is unfortunate that NC State does not offer Music major program. I would like to stay if it did.

My favorite break would be the summer break because it is the longest and the most productive break for me. I get to focus on music and get away from the school work. For example last summer I was able to finish my bandís EP album. I am planning to get a job during the summer or participate in the study abroad program. I donít have a definite plan for this summer yet.

I spend too much time on here.

    How to order a pizza

  1. Get your phone.
  2. Dial pizza delivery service number.
  3. Order your pizza.
  4. Wait.
  5. Pay the delivery guy.
Class Expected Grade
E115 S
EC 201 B-
ENG 101 B