Do you want to dance like Uma Thurman?

Hello my name is Jacob Lantz and I am still technically in exploratory studies major, or whatever it is this year, it was called first year college last year. I am a sophmore taking classes in the hopes of being an electrical engineer, I have not yet been able to CODA because I barely failed this class last semester. I initially wanted to do Mechanical engineering because I enjoy putting things together and taking them apart and learning how things work. But then I discovered the alternative of electrical engineering, and concluded that I was more interested in how electrical devices work and technology. So I began taking classes for this semester and hopefully will be able to successfully CODA into ita after this semester.

Hahahaha who has time for hobbies when you work 18 hours a week and are taking engineering courses, and do marching band and still like to get some sleep in. It's sadley true though I really havn't had much free time this semester do anything. I listen to a lot of music while I do my homework, I've been listening to the Hozier Pandora station aalot lately. Sometimes I will watch Friends on Netflix while I'm doing work that doesn't take too much of my attention. I brought a keyboard with me again this year to try and continue practicing piano, and I worked on it the first few weeks, but things began to really catch up. One of the last few things I have is that I really enjoy cooking Sunday Dinner. I live in Wolf Village this year and have a kitchen to my use, and I like to cook a nice meal on Sunday for me and my Room-mates.

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Here is a link to my resume.

  1. Pick up the phone and call Dominos Pizza
  2. Order the 2 medium pizza's for 5.99 pick 2 or more deal
  3. Order 2 Medium Pan pizza's 1 with Pepperoni and Sausage the other with Peperroni and extra cheese.
  4. Pay and recieve pizza from delivery guy
Course Name Expected Grade
ECE 200 A-
ECE 109 B+
PY 208 B-