This is My Webworld, and You Cannot Leave Unless You Want to.

My name is Joseph. I am a freshman, meaning my graduating year would be 2017, I believe. My intended major is Aerospace engineering, and I choose this major because I like airplanes. I'm hoping to one day be able to fly one as well.

My favorite animal has to be the eagle. This may be in part because my best friend's last name is Eagle, or maybe because I like the idea of the freedom that the eagle has. In addition, eagles are known for their keen eyesight. And living with this terrible vision, I would enjoy keen eyesight. The ability to fly to wherever you want also sounds exciting, coupled with the fact that I can't think of one animal that is above the eagle on the foodchain. Who hunts an eagle(besides humans)?

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  1. Kidnap a pizza chef
  2. Offer money
  3. Make him make a pizza
  4. Enjoy pizza
  5. Set the man free

Class Expected Grade
Chemistry B+
Calculus A
E115 Passing

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