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My name is Jessica Basso, but most people call me Jess. I am a freshman in engineering at North Carolina State University and planning to study Biomedical Engineering. I have chosen to study BME because it encapsulated all my areas of interest under one name. Prior to finding BME I had thought of being a vet or doctor, but did not want to deal with the strong liabilities and possible lawsuits, not to mention the hundred years I would have to spend in school. I was also very interested in the human body and very much enjoyed the anatomy and physiology of the body, and knew that no matter what field I went into I wanted to help people and be near the health industry. When first reading about BME I realized that that was the name to my description, so I continue to do research on this major and the more and more I liked it, and the more applications I saw of it uses, and endless possibilities it has to offer.

My favorite hobby is baking and decorating cupcakes. I love to try new flavors and am always experimenting and creating new ones. One of my favorites is my Peach-Melba cupcake with an airy, whipped raspberry frosting, stuffed with a peach compote. I also very much enjoy my lemon poppy and strawberry mousse cupcake. However, I usually make these ones in the summer time. During the fall and winter I make my pecan pie cupcake, which is a vanilla bean cupcake with pecan pie filling and cinnamon brown sugar butter-cream. I also make chocolate with pepermint frosting cupcake in the winter around Christmas. For this one I use food coloring and die half the butter-cream red, and pipe it on to the cupcake to look like a candy cane swirl. No matter what I am always looking at new recipes and trying new combinations, because I love to bake.

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  1. Print out directions to the Chatham Sandwich Shop in Chatham, NJ
  2. Get in the car and drive to the Chatham Sandwich Shop
  3. Order a "Corn Beef Ruben with Thousand Island Dressing"
  4. Enjoy the deliciousness

Class Expected Grade
MA242 A+
CH101 A
CH102 A+
E101 A+
E115 S
EC201 A
LSC101 A

Peach Melba Cupcake